President & CSO: Dr. Tibor Sipos, Ph.D.


Dr. Tibor Sipos born in Budapest, Hungary and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry at Lebanon Valley College in 1964 and his Doctorate in Biochemistry at Lehigh University in 1968; then was a Research Scientist at Baxter Laboratories where he invented an immobilized glucose isomerase enzymatic process for the continuous conversion of glucose syrup into high sweetened fructose syrup, which is used (US Patent No. 3,708,398 (1972)) for the mass production of high fructose corn syrup, worldwide; then from 1969-1990 he was at Johnson & Johnson, as Senior Research Scientist, Manager of Exploratory Research, Director of Oral Biology and Manager of Dental Research. At Johnson & Johnson he invented a microencapsulation technology for the protection of digestive enzymes during gastric transit into the upper intestine (US Patent No. 4,079,125 (1978)). This invention resulted in the development of Pancreaze (pancrelipase) Enteric-coated Microspheres — the first enteric-coated Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy (PERT) class of drugs that today are considered a life-sustaining treatment that directly extended the lives of children and adults suffering from Cystic Fibrosis worldwide for over a decade. 

In 1978 he was honored at Johnson & Johnson with the Philip B. Hoffman award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Research and Development and in 1982 with the Johnson Medal for Research & Development of Pancreaze Brand of pancrelipase (Highest Johnson & Johnson award).  Dr. Sipos also developed a controlled drug delivery system for the prevention of rampant tooth decay associated with radiation induced xerostomia in patients with oral cancer (US Patent No. 5,049,077 (1991) and a preventive treatment for dental plaque, gingivitis and periodontitis.  In 1990 Dr. Sipos founded and established Digestive Care, Inc., in Bethlehem, PA, where he is CEO, President, Chief Scientific Officer and Chairman of the Board.  His continued vision for DCI is to focus on discovering, developing, and commercializing cutting edge therapeutic treatments for gastrointestinal diseases.  Dr. Sipos has 40 US Patents, 14 of which are assigned to DCI, and numerous patents in foreign countries.

In 1998 he invented a high bicarbonate buffered enteric-coated pancrelipase delayed-release capsule (US Patent No. 5,750,104) for the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency associated with cystic fibrosis and other conditions.  He has an extensive list of peer reviewed scientific publications and in 2008 he was appointed to the prestigious Advisory Panel by United States Pharmacopeia on development of monographs for digestive enzymes.  In 2012 Dr. Sipos was awarded the Doctorate of Human Letters by Lebanon Valley College.